Gemini Design’s facilities are located in the Business Park District of Poway, California. Poway is a suburb of San Diego, located a short distance from the San Diego International Airport. Gemini Design leases a set of three neighboring suites, totaling approximately 7,000 square feet of office workspace, assembly laboratories and three high bay assembly areas. All suites house conference rooms for design and review meetings. The Gemini Design office is equipped with a laboratory and four fully outfitted assembly stations. The laboratory space contains lab workbenches providing ample space for detailed technical work. Gemini Design’s Laboratory houses some of the most up-to-date equipment for premium circuitry manufacturing. The large assembly bays provide sizeable workspace for the construction of Gemini Design’s numerous larger projects. The Gemini Design facility also contains loading bays for the shipment and delivery of large items. Gemini Design’s office space is protected by a state of the art security system to ensure maximum protection of products and equipment.