About Gemini

Gemini Design is a Scientific Engineering Services company, founded in 1998, specializing in the transformation of laboratory innovation to field-deployed systems. Gemini Design focuses on product development for advanced technologies, employing a progressive methodology that involves capturing new ideas and applying solid engineering to transition from prototype all the way to production-ready systems. Gemini Design has pioneered a dynamic structured environment that provides the flexibility and adaptability needs of research, while providing a foundation for a revision-controlled environment. Working in this capacity, Gemini Design represents the bridge between Research and Development and product manufacture.

Organizationally, Gemini Design has been structured to optimally deliver on its mission. Gemini has a core team of scientists and engineers that specialize in the capture and transition process. In addition, Gemini Design maintains a flexible network of over 70 consultants consisting of scientists, engineers and technicians allowing us to respond in real time to the shifting ebb and flow of demand for different types of technical expertise on our projects. Gemini Design’s structure allows us to maintain technology innovation as a top priority.

Gemini Design is a Woman-Owned small business that is fully registered for contracting with the Federal Government.